When Life Gives You Lemons

July 24, 2016 Tony Fontecchio

Do you remember the day you were told that you had diabetes?

"I certainly do. I thought that it was the end of my life. I knew very little about diabetes and I think that's what actually scared me more than anything."

I had always heard all of the bad stories such as the guy that lost his arm or foot due to infection or the person admitted to the emergency room because their blood sugars were too low. Ironically, I had just read in our local newspaper of a man who crashed his car and was deemed because of diabetic issues.

Needless to say, I was scared and unsure of what my future was to hold. I have a disease and it is incurable. I have always heard people talk bad about diabetes and bring up all the stories they have heard. This was definitely going to change the way I live my life.

So, now I have changed my outlook on diabetes. I have it and there's no changing that. So I might as well deal with it and do the best I can with what I got. I figured that I would need to learn more about diabetes and how type 1 and type 2 diabetics live their lives as close to normal as anyone else.

I educated myself through various websites such as The American Diabetes Association, Beyond Type 1, Diabetes Self-Management, Health Central, and many other extremely beneficial and knowledgeable websites that have all the answers to my questions and more. It is actually rather impressive on how many different websites, forums, newsletters, magazines, and blogs, that can educate you on all aspects of diabetes. 

Once I got a grasp on what to expect and how I was going to have to handle my type 1 diabetes, I gained a little bit of certainty and inspiration to move forward with a positive attitude and not be that guy who cries about it and wants people to feel sorry for me. Not me. In fact, to this day, most people don't even know I have diabetes.

Instead, I wanted to find all the positives and make the best of this new lifestyle that one calls a disease. I was going to eat better, exercise more, value my life and others to the highest scale, and always find time for my family and friends (even if I wasn't really feeling up to it). I know this happens to you too. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to get off the couch and move your body, even when you feel absolutely terrible.

Than, we have the famous insulin injections to deal with. This is where I have taken the famous term - "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade" and put it to the test. I have always used the insulin pens for injecting my insulin. I currently use Novolog and Levemir to control my diabetes and have found out that storing the insulin pens inside the refrigerator is a bit more frustrating than one would expect. I am pretty sure you know what I mean by all the little problems with storing insulin pens inside your refrigerator. 

I found that my refrigerator was getting cluttered with insulin pens, they were getting scattered all over, lost, messy, and I was losing precious space inside the refrigerator. I tried storing in the boxes they came in, rubber banding, and various other methods to no avail.

I spent countless hours online looking for a storage solution for my insulin pens and kept ending up empty handed. I couldn't believe that there was no nice product available to store my insulin pens. Was I missing something. Was I the only guy in the world with this challenge? What's funny is that I don't even consider myself a really organized person. In fact, if you saw my office desk, one would question how I actually got things accomplished with such a mess.

One day it finally grew to that point. I was done with the insulin pen nightmare happening inside my refrigerator and I was going to take care it on my own. I had some major support from my wife and three kids (MAJOR SUPPORT). They were tired of these insulin pens getting in the way as much as I was. I was going to invent a new product that addressed all of these problems and more.

I spent countless hours at night on research of insulin pens sizes, insulin pen manufacturers, best practices for storing insulin, and tested, tested, and tested again. In fact, I had used the actual product that I invented for over 3 years prior to taking it to market to sell to the public just to make sure it worked up to my standards.

The new HangTite insulin pen holder is the world's first insulin pen holder designed for the inside of your refrigerator. The HangTite derived from the concept of hanging tightly to the inside wall of your refrigerator and helps save space and neatly organizes insulin pens. Basically, it is an organization holder for your insulin pens and will make your dealing with diabetes just a little bit easier. It really has made a difference in my life and my wife and kids aren't complaining about it either. They actually really like the looks of it and how it made such a positive difference of storing insulin pens. 

The HangTite is available now at I have received numerous emails and feedback from extremely happy people who have been using it and seeing the results and benefits that the HangTite product delivers. I am positive that the HangTite product line will change the way you store your insulin pens and make everyone within the household much happier and that's exactly what my goal has been.

I look forward to sharing this new product with you. With all the many diabetic products on the market, this truly is the first of it's kind. There is nothing like it and it has been warmly accepted by insulin pen users all over the world. Please share this blog with your family and friends. You may be surprised who will benefit from this fantastic product.

I was dealt with this lousy disease called diabetes and I am going to turn it into a positive and enriching part of my life because "When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade".


Tony Fontecchio




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