A Nice Way To Store Insulin Pens Inside Your Refrigerator

October 18, 2016 Abbas Ali

Does the inside of your refrigerator look like there is a diabetic in the house?

I think we can all agree that it is pretty easy to see when there is an insulin dependent diabetic living in the home just by looking inside the refrigerator.

You will always see insulin pens scattered all over, pharmacy boxes, and different vials of insulin spread around in attempts to keep everything together.

Granted, all of these medicinal products need to be in the refrigerator, but why not do the best you can to keep them better organized?


The HangTite insulin pen holder was created by someone just like you. 

If your tired of having all of your diabetic insulin pens laying around and junking up your refrigerator and taking storage space, than you need The HangTite Insulin Pen Holder.

This inexpensive storage solution is designed to keep all your insulin pens securely stored together and without having them scattered and lost throughout your refrigerator.

The HangTite easily mounts to the inner wall of your refrigerator and keeps insulin pens stored at the optimal location and easy to see.

Do yourself and your family a favor and grab your HangTite today!



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