The HangTite Story

A Note From Tony

I was personally diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2006. I thought it was the end of the world until I started to educate myself about diabetes and learn how to cope with my new lifestyle. I was excited to see all the support, modern medicine, and beneficial products, which help make living with diabetes just a little bit easier.

 I was, however, frustrated with the task of storing my insulin pens inside my refrigerator. I often found pens scattered throughout my refrigerator and hidden out of view. I wasn’t able to see how many pens I had without having to search all over and behind the items inside my refrigerator. I have made several emergency trips to the pharmacy to purchase new prescriptions of insulin pens only to find out I had some laying around the refrigerator I just didn’t see.

My insulin pens were consuming valuable space inside my refrigerator and even my wife and three kids were experiencing the challenges this was causing. I tried storing my insulin pens inside the butter tray, bottom shelf, top shelf, and even inside makeshift boxes. Nothing seemed to solve any of these problems.

messy fridge

After years of frustration, I decided to search the internet for a product to make storing insulin pens inside the refrigerator easy to deal with. After countless hours of searching, I didn’t find one single product that was designed to solve my storage problems. I asked others that use insulin pens and all had expressed the same problems and that they too were unable to find a solution.

I vividly remember telling my wife how I was unable to find a storage solution for my insulin pens. The first words out of her mouth were, “So why don’t you make one?” Thus the HangTite insulin pen holder was born and the first prototype found its way into my refrigerator in 2013.

non messy fridge with hangtite

After 3 years of testing and fine tuning, I can honestly say that the HangTite insulin pen holder has proven to solve all of the problems that I had previously experienced. I can now keep all my insulin pens organized, up and out of the way while saving space and it’s easy to see how many pens I have at a quick glance.

The HangTite insulin pen holder is the first product of its kind. I love it. My wife and kids love it, and I am very confident in saying that you will love it too. It’s just one more way to make dealing with diabetes just a little bit easier.



Tony Fontecchio



Tony Fontecchio