HangTite Has Proven To Be The Diabetic's Newest Must Have Product!

September 27, 2017 Tony Fontecchio

With the release of the newest diabetic product designed for storing insulin pens inside your refrigerator came the challenges of launching a product that the world has never seen before.

There is truly no other diabetic product like the HangTite insulin pen holder and it has definitely turned some heads after becoming highly sought after by insulin dependent diabetics looking to gain space inside their refrigerators and clean up the clutter.

Since HangTite has been featured in various magazine features and national press releases, sales have soared across every single state within the USA and many other foreign countries abroad. The American Diabetes Association featured the HangTite insulin pen holder in their September/October issue of Diabetes Forecast


If you haven't already seen the new HangTite insulin pen holder advertised online, just wait, the popularity is gaining, and this new product will surely be hitting the shelves in retail stores in the near future.

Checkout the HangTite Insulin Pen Holder yourself at




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