How Do You Store Your Insulin Pens?

July 09, 2016 Tony Fontecchio

The HangTite Insulin Pen Holder Is The First Product Of Its Kind.

"I have searched high and low and for many countless hours trying to find the best storage solution for my insulin pens."

You know exactly what I mean. We've all been there. You have insulin pens laying all over the refrigerator, cooped up in the pharmacy box, or stored in some type of other makeshift box. The refrigerator is easily taken over by insulin pens or junky looking boxes. The pens are scattered all over and hidden behind the food and beverages so you can't see them.

One day I opened my refrigerator door to grab one of my Novolog insulin pens and head off for the day. To my dismay I didn't see a single pen. I panicked because I was getting ready to head out of town for the day and had no more insulin and expected to see a couple insulin pens in my refrigerator. 

Needless to say, I made a quick emergency run (as I call it) to the pharmacy to grab a new order of insulin pens. Of course, by now I had already lost about an hour of time that I wasn't planning for. I had to go back home to throw the remaining pens back into the refrigerator. 

After a long hard day of traveling, I came home and sat in my lazy boy recliner to put my feet up. In the distance I heard my wife start laughing. She had just opened the refrigerator to grab some of her favorite orange juice and found two of my insulin pens wedged into the side of one of last nights leftovers. Apparently the were pushed to the side and then hidden behind the big jug of orange juice. My emergency insulin pen run and waste of time was exactly that... a waste of time. They were there the whole time and I didn't even see them.

After many years of frustration, I decided this was enough. I had to find a way to store my insulin pens in an organized fashion and take back my refrigerator. After all, I was losing valuable space inside my refrigerator and all my kids and wife were also getting a bit frustrated having to jockey my pens around to get them out of the way.

I spent countless late night hours searching for a diabetic product designed to store or organize my insulin pens. I thought that there would be all kinds of storage products designed to house these insulin pens by now. I admit that I was confused and actually a bit upset that I was unable to find such a product. There are millions of insulin pen users and more users by the day. Why is there no such product?

The look on my wife's face was priceless after I told her that no such product existed. I think that she thought I was joking or perhaps not really even looking very hard. The word's from her mouth were "Why don't you make one". After hearing these words I believe the quest had just began to make the worlds first insulin pen holder for inside the refrigerator. 

My goal was simple and direct to the point. I was going to make a product that would make every insulin pen user in the world have one less problem to worry about. Let's think about that for a minute. Diabetics have so many different things to think about and storing insulin pens is one of them. Why not make it so easy that they won't even have to worry anymore. That made sense to me.

The design of the HangTite insulin pen holder had to meet these requirements:

  • Easy to use
  • Store at least 5 insulin pens at a time
  • Make inserting and removal of insulin pens fast and easy
  • Keep aligned neatly and in straight line
  • Easy to install for anyone
  • Look nice 
  • Allow for different pen sizes
  • Last a long time

HangTite Insulin Pen Holder Product

The HangTite Insulin Pen Holder meets and exceeds these requirements.

I am excited to share this new product with you. I have used it since 2013 and I can honestly say that it is a wonderful product. I have never had another problem with storing my insulin pens since using this product. My family have all expressed their joy as well. Yes, your family will love you for using this wonderful product too. It makes it easier on everyone.

The new HangTite Insulin Pen Holder is now available at

I invite you to take a close look at The HangTite and grab one or more for your personal use or surprise a fellow diabetic with one as a gift. You will be glad you did.


Tony Fontecchio




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