HangTite Replacement Adhesive Sticky Tape x1

HangTite Replacement Adhesive Sticky Tape x1

HangTite Replacement Adhesive Sticky Tape - x1

3" x 3" square

This is the direct replacement double sided 3m sticky tape that is included with every HangTite insulin pen holder purchase. 

This is a perfect replacement tape if you have removed the HangTite insulin pen holder from it's original location and need to re-install onto another or if you have experienced any difficulties during installation.

3M 9448A Double coated tissue tape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The HangTite can hang at least two different ways: vertical or horizontal.

Yes! Simply peel the 3M film off the back of the HangTite and place in the spot you'd like to hang it! To remove, take a sharp non-metallic tool to assist in prying HangTite away from refrigerator wall. You will than need to use warm soapy water or we recommend an adhesive remover such as Goo-Gone to assist in removing the tape residue.

Should the pen slots loosen over time or if you want to hang a smaller diameter pen, simply squeeze the pen slots together with your fingers to tighten while the pen is removed.

The HangTite insulin pen holder will securely hold many various brands and sizes of insulin pens. It will also hold other medicinal injection pens such as those for allergies and weight loss. Contact us if you need assistance in determining if your pens will fit.