An Insulin Pen Storage Solution You May Want To Check Out

November 27, 2016 Tony Fontecchio

An Insulin Pen Storage Solution You May Want To Check Out


Insulin pens offer diabetes patients several advantages. They are, for instance, easy to carry, easy to use, and provide accurate dosing. However, one challenge users are faced with is keeping stored pens organized.

The pens must be refrigerated, and a refrigerator’s ever changing interior can make keeping track of insulin pens problematic. Some people put them in the butter compartment where they take up valuable space. Others designate the corner of a shelf for pen storage, but eventually discover one has slipped behind a container of leftover stew, while another somehow rolled its way into the veggie bin.

Since it’s essential for people to know how many pens they have, and how much insulin is left, pen disorganization is as much a health issue as an efficiency problem, plus insulin pens are expensive. Finding an expired pen at the back of the fridge behind a moldy carton of cream cheese is a frustrating waste.

Storage Solution

One man with type 1 diabetes, Tony Fontecchio, became fed-up with insulin pens roaming his refrigerator, and developed a solution. His product, called HangTite, is now available to interested consumers.

“Storing insulin inside the refrigerator is extremely frustrating...they would get lost, and I couldn’t ever see how many I had at a quick glance. And that’s what pushed us to develop this product,” said Fontecchio. “The HangTite insulin pen holder is designed to mount inside your refrigerator and neatly organize your insulin pens so you can see how have at a quick glance.”

Fontecchio’s product is a tray that adheres to the side walls of a refrigerator simply by peeling 3M tape off the back and placing the tray where desired. Each tray holds five Insulin pens that snap securely into place. It accommodates a variety of insulin brands and pen sizes.

According to Fontecchio, the product offers these advantages:

  • It frees up storage space in the refrigerator.
  • Insulin pens are always organized, in view, and will not be lost.
  • Pens are securely held so no air bubbles form. (Storing pens in the ever moving refrigerator door can cause air bubbles in insulin.)

With HangTite, those using the butter compartment for pen storage can also put the butter back where it belongs.

Check It Out

Even if you’re not bothered by wayward insulin pens in the refrigerator, your spouse might be, so the HangTite pen holder could make a decidedly unromantic, but welcome gift. The holders come in white and blue, are $14.95 each, and shipping is free.

If you are interested go to the item’s website (link below) for more information, product pictures, and videos.

Sources: The Diabetic News; HangTite website


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